Michael Gallagher

SoundON Episode 020

Michael Gallagher live at The Met for SoundON Session 020! Big thanks to Michael and his band for coming in to play and for speaking to us in an exclusive interview as well! Join in the world of Michael Gallagher ‘real stories about real people and real life’


Sea Fever

SoundON Episode 019

Sea Fever perform songs from their debut album Folding Lines and a brand new track ‘Dilemma’ for SoundON Session 019! Big thanks to Sea Fever for coming in to play for us and for speaking to us in an exclusive interview as well!


Abbie Ozard

SoundON Episode 018

Abbie Ozard is live on SoundON for Session 018! Performing tracks from 2021’s let’s play pretend EP and her most recent single ‘Grown’ in this live session. Big thanks to Abbie and her band for coming in to play and for telling Katie Owen all about her music in an interview as well!



SoundON Episode 017

Proletariat are live on SoundON with edge-of-your-seat indie-rock for Session 017! Performing three tracks live and talking to Katie Owen to tell us all about the world of Proletariat in an interview with singer James Cummins!


See Thru Hands

SoundON Episode 016

See Thru Hands have been described as “Talking Heads lost in Salford. Prince in a Berghaus. A band left in the middle of a world gone mad.” Mixing genres to create a beautiful whole! Expect to hear funk, post-punk, pop, electronic and a bit of indie too! Welcome to the world of SEE THRU HANDS



SoundON Episode 015

Stanleys perform their debut EP live and speak to Katie Owen for SoundON session 015! Part of the ‘Wigan Wave' of quality artists coming out of the town journey into the world of Stanleys with us!



SoundON Episode 014

Solis performs LIVE on SoundON episode 014! We’re so excited to bring you this amazing session from ethereal folk/pop artist Solis! Performing three tracks from her forthcoming debut album; ‘Be Together’, ‘Jigsaw’ and ‘Sunday’ journey into the world of Solis with us!


Patrick St James

SoundON Episode 013

Patrick Saint James LIVE on SoundON episode 013! Performing new material for the very first time Patrick Saint James brings us a brilliant mix of upbeat pop tunes you can dance to and ballads! With a very bright future ahead as an artist, we’re really pleased to bring you this session from Patrick Saint James on SoundON!



SoundON Episode 012

PINS join us LIVE for SoundON 012! Playing reimagined piano versions of brilliant songs from their fabulous third album ‘Hot Slick’ as well as a couple of surprises in the session too! We’re buzzing to have PINS on for this unique live performance!


Crystal Tides

SoundON Episode 011

Crystal Tides are here for a vibrant SoundON 011 live session! High energy uplifting riffs and melodies throughout this amazing session from this indie-rock four piece. Just what we need this weekend, the band are fresh from releasing their debut ep ‘Eat Your Words’ featuring songs performed here; ‘Courtney Love’, ‘Headcase’, ‘Last Time’ and ‘Come Down’ - we love this South Coast based band and are very thankful to them for travelling up North to record this brilliant live performance for us!



SoundON Episode 010

SheBeKeke, writer and performance artist Keisha Thompson is here for SoundON 010! SheBeKeke has supported artists such as Kate Tempest, The Last Poets, Saul Williams and OSHUN. Her work has been presented at high profile venues and platforms such as Tate Modern, Blue Dot Festival and Glastonbury’s Rum Shack Stage.

This weeks session is based around spokenword, poetry performance and music. Shebekeke pulls in a brilliant range of imagery and influences into her work to create something truly unique and beautiful!


The Slow Readers Club

SoundON Episode 009

The Slow Readers Club are here for SoundON 009! We’re so excited to have one of Manchester’s finest acts on for an exceptional live performance!

Performing songs from ’91 Days in Isolation’ their second album released in 2020 that was written in lockdown, as well as tunes from the monster ‘The Joy Of The Return’ alongside some of their classics! The Slow Readers Club are completely at home performing live and tour the UK & Europe this autumn!


Paris Youth Foundation

SoundON Episode 008

Paris Youth Foundation, one of the most exciting new artists around are SoundON episode 008! If massive anthemic indie tunes are your thing then you’re in the right place! We’re really pleased to welcome the Liverpool based band in for a session on SoundON.

NME describe Paris Youth Foundation as ‘all your favourite indie bands rolled into one. Think The Strokes meet Wolf Alice, and you’re halfway there’. We love their sing along indie rock tunes and think you will too!



SoundON Episode 007

LUMER are here live for SoundON 007! New music performed for the first time by the Post-Punk quartet from Yorkshire who are joined by actor Hannah Ogden for their SoundON session. Their latest release ‘The Disappearing Act’ is available here and we would highly recommend you get a copy while you can!


Liam Frost

SoundON Episode 006

We’re delighted to welcome Liam Frost for SoundON 006! Performing songs from the outstanding album ‘Show Me How the Spectres Dance’ including the classics "The Mourners of St Paul's" and "The City Is At Standstill“. Performed at The Met ahead of the 15th anniversary of its release, the much sought after debut album ‘Show Me How the Spectres Dance’ from Manchester's Liam Frost and The Slowdown Family is back by popular demand. The album was released originally in 2006, Liam Frost is described by Guy Garvey as "the UK’s answer to Bright Eyes”.



SoundON Episode 005

Fever are here for SoundON 005! Armed with perfect indie pop tunes their music features incredibly memorable melodies and we’re very excited to have them on live on SoundON! Look out for their latest singles 'International Dream' and 'Time Will Define' that perfectly encapsulates their classic guitar pop sound.


St Peters Dream

SoundON Episode 004

St. Peter's Dream join us for SoundON 004! St. Peter’s Dream are an indie rock/pop band from Reading, UK. The band's music has been described as “stadium ready” and “anthemic”. The band are set to build on their fast growing fan base in 2021! Make sure you tell us what you think about St Peter’s Dream’s session in the comments below, we think really excited about what the future holds for this exciting new band!



SoundON Episode 003

Manchester poet and hip-hop artist J Chambers is SoundON 003! We’re really pleased to have J.Chambers on for a session promoting his new EP ‘Escape The Kingdom’. Escape The Kingdom is an exploration of being Black and British within contemporary English Culture, the latest single ‘Sirens’ is a reggae driven production with a fiery flow. It plays on the dual meaning of the word siren, both as a metaphorical soundtrack to the oppression of Black Britons and, mythologically speaking, as a source of distraction preventing progress being made.


Rory Wynne

SoundON Episode 002

Rory Wynne joins us for SoundON 002! A self-professed Rockstar Rory Wynne began writing his own music aged 11 and his first track ‘I Know She Knows’ which he wrote after learning four chords went on to be his second single after being picked up by NYC Record Label 'Mermaid Avenue'.



SoundON Episode 001

Foxglove! We’re so happy to have this brilliant new band as SoundON 001 - our very first music session on YouTube!

Foxglove are a four piece euphoric indie pop band hailing from Manchester, producing colourful dance melodies, sunny tones blended with ambience and synth. A great way to kick things off here at SoundON, we love their anthemic tunes powered by Abi’s soaring vocals and the lads brilliantly uplifting musical textures.

Make sure you tell us what you think about Foxglove in the comments below, we think they’re a fantastic artist and look forward to seeing how Abi, Ryan, Liam and Joe develop their group in the coming years. They performed a brilliant set including their new singles ‘Give It Up’ and 'Birthday'.